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Solar Powered Road Stud

2009-12-04 19:06:22
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Solar Powered Road Stud Description
Not only are all of Road Safety products suited for road hazard warning indicators to Light up the safe way home, they are versatile in other ways. Our Solar-powered LED Warning Lights, Solar-powered LED Beacons and Traffic Cones are helpful for use in ordinary construction sites, at the workplace, or for emergency situations. You can warn the public of potential hazards and work for a greener world at the same time.

Road Stud
This device has an aluminum alloy shell and uses ultra-luminous LEDs to give drivers a clear warning and a safer way home

Suggested uses:

Product details:
Solar cell: poly-crystalline silicon / single-crystalline silicon (3v,75mA)
Storage battery: Ni-MH (1200mAH) / Super Capacitor (120F) Light source: super luminosity LED;
LED quantity: 6 pcs or 4pcs available
Luminosity colors: red, green, blue, white, yellow (for any choice)
Luminous mode: varying type /Constant Type
Work time: 108 hours above for Varying Type; and more than 24 hours for constant type(standard luminosity intensity)
Work temperature: -25 to +75 degree C.
Material of light: Aluminum alloy and Polycarbonate
Resist compression: 30 tons
Waterproof grade IP>67
Life: >5 years (Ni-MH) or >15 year ( Super Capacitor)
View distance: over 800m
Guarantee period:14 months

Product packing size: 132*122*20mm, Net Weight: 0.525kgs/pc.

Ultra-bright LED used
New version of road stud
Strong aluminum metal housing
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