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2010-02-19 17:17:48
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The gear pumps and vane pumps used for the Komatsu, Caterpillar, Hitachi Vickers. The vane pumps types are used for 2520VQ 3520VQ 3525VQ 4520VQ 4525VQ 4535VQ V10F V10PF V20F V20PF 20V 25V 35V 45V 2520V 3520V 3525V 4520V 4525V 4535V V10 V20 20V(Q) 25V(Q) 35V(Q) 45V(Q) Caterpillar Vane pump and cartr We are the manufacturer group from China producing and export the vane pumps, gear pumps, as well as the cartridge kits. idge kits 1U2664 3G2234 1U2671 3G7667 3G7657 3G7660 3G7656 4T0422 3G7661 3G2239 3G2236 1U2669 3G7664 3G7658 3G7658 3G7664 3G2195 3G7659 3G2834 3G1266 1U3953 4T1893 3G7665 3G2837 3G7651 1U2667 9T2200 3G2835 3G1266 3G2746 3G2806 3G1267 3G2834 4T6869 1U2668 4T2626 4T0417 3G2752 1U2668 3G7655 3G7652 3G2718 1U2652 3G2196 3G7663 1U2666 3G2195 9J7891 3G7653 1U3952 3G2200 3G2717 1U3519 3G2719 1U2665 3G7658 4T3196 3G7659 3G7659 3G2751 1U2667 3G2749 3G2722 3P0380 2P9239 1U2667 3G2834 3G1266 3G7657 3G2834 4T0422 1U3953 3G7658 45VQ60 35VQ38 20VQ14 Gear pump for loader 988B 2P9239 3P6814 3P6816 3P0380 and Ca

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