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Retractable Banner Stands

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Retractable banner stands
Retractable banner stand is single sided lightweight and the graphic rolls into the base for extremely easy setup and take-down. This economy banner stand comes complete with a canvas carrying bag.

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Item No.: P1267599029
Updated: 2010-03-03 14:50:07
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Banner Stand
Wide seat, single side banner,with chrome cover, high intensity plastic body
Size: 200 x 80cm
Unit weight: 5kg/pc

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Item No.: P1267598837
Updated: 2010-03-03 14:46:58
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Roll up banner
Roll Up Banner
Material: aluminum alloy+photo paper
Size: 200 x 85cm
Unit weight: 5.5kg/pc
Packing: 4pcs/carton
Carton size: 54 x 27 x 90cm

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Item No.: P1267598263
Updated: 2009-11-29 16:26:23
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Retractable banner stand
Size: 200 x 80cm
Material: Aluminium alloy+ PP paper
Unit weight: 2.5kg/pc

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Item No.: P1267598715
Updated: 2009-11-29 16:26:23
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