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Alcohol Test Strips - Saliva Alcohol Screen Test

2009-11-26 16:24:13
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Tags: Alcohol Test Strips - Saliva Alcohol Screen Test
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Alcohol Test Strips - Saliva Alcohol Screen Test Description

Alcohol Test Strips consist of a single reaction pad. If alcohol is detected on the reaction pad, it will rapidly change color depending on the concentration of alcohol present in the sample.

Alcohol Test Strips are designed to provide a qualitative measurement of alcohol in saliva specimen by comparing the color developed at the end of the reaction period with the color chart provided.

Alcohol Test Strips are recommended for professional and personal use in the evaluation of intoxication, including applications in health care, corrections, and alcoholism management.

Alcohol Presence = Color Change
Match the color on the pad to the color chart.

Our Product is:
Disposable product
It is innoxious
Easy to Use
The sensitivity of this test detects an alcohol level of 0.02% or higher
Instructions included with each strip

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